What are lingual braces?

More and more adults are seeking to improve their bite and fix any malocclusions. Among their greatest concerns, however, is the appearance of braces and the amount of time that these brace will be in their mouths. While Invisalign and other clear plastic retainer types of orthodontic treatment have been used to solve the cosmetic appearance of braces, these systems cannot correct all orthodontic cases.

Traditional band and wires are still the preferred mode of treatment for many orthodontic cases. Through the advent of state of the art technology, it is now possible to apply traditional orthodontic appliances that are virtually invisible.

These are called lingual braces. Lingual means toward the tongue. So instead of sitting on the front of the teeth which are visible to all, these bands and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth where they are practically invisible.

While the orthodontic movements are just as effective using lingual braces as they are using traditional ones, lingual braces cannot be used for all cases.

Please consult with your dentist or orthodontist to see if lingual braces would be a viable treatment option for your individual case.